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Read Naturally

6th-8th Reading Read Naturally 1.0 Read Naturally 1.5 Read Natuarlly 2.0 Read Naturally 2.5 Read Naturally 3.0 Read Naturally 3.5
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Click here to download an ASRP Permission Slip. Once signed, please return to the Computer Science Teacher, Mrs. Pierce, in the Library.
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Letter To Parent/Guardian

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Your student is working in Read Naturally Encore II, a highly effective supplemental reading program that develops fluency and supports vocabulary, comprehension, and, if needed, phonics.

Improving reading fluency is important for developing readers. Fluent readers:

Read Naturally Encore II combines several research-based strategies into a single powerful method of improving reading fluency and supporting vocabulary, comprehension, and phonics.

What do we know from research?

What does a student do when working through a story in Read Naturally?

Students become good readers by reading. The student selects and read a nonfiction story form an assigned level.
Reading along with a proficient reader improves word recognition and fluency. The student reds the story along with an audio recording.
Reading a passage several times improves fluency. The student reads the story alone several times until reaching his or her goal.
Fluent readers generally comprehend better than non-fluent readers. The student tracks performance on graphs and advances to more difficult stories and higher goal rates based on improvement.
Well-developed vocabulary is essential for comprehension. The student uses a glossary and listens to audio recordings to learn the meanings of vocabulary words.
Explicit phonics instruction and practice improve fluency. A student who needs more support in phonics skills works in the phonics series.

The After School Reading Program, runs Monday - Thursday, from 3 to 4. Any student who wishes to attend must have a ride home. Thank you for your support. Please call if you have any questions.

Mrs. Pierce