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Pono Website Design a
Website Developer One Can Trust

It was through a paper I was requested to write for Professor Schildgen during my senior year at Arizona State University, that I discovered only a few small business owners had a quality presence on the web. The sources needed to make such a web site at an affordable price was not available .


Being a graduate from Central Arizona College with an associate's degree in Computer Programming, and a graduate from Arizona State University with a bachelor's in web development, I understand the dynamics of computer languages. The following can be used to create a productive and functional website by Pono Website Design:

The tailored website design will rate well on any cyber search with the use of search engine optimization skills such as the proper use of code, plain text, and meta data. This high placement will attract the customers you want.

As a graduate from Arizona State University, with a bachelor's in Web Development, this has given me the skills to produce a professional final product that will reflect what your company has to offer and attract the attention of the clients your business wants.

A website produced by Pono Website Design will:


If your having problems with your website such as: lost HTML tags, double navigation bars, double wording, no headers, no continuity within the website, no particular setting or ambience, improper font or font-size, incorrect spacing, links that do not work, images that are askew.

I can help you create the changes to your website that you want to make. Together we can make the changes in both the appearance and functionality of your website. You can show the world through your improved website, what you and your company have to offer.

Screen shot of web page before changes were made. The links are doubled and out of sorts with the rest of the page.


Screen shot of web page after changes were made. The links are now in line with the rest of the page and no doubles.