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Welcome Toltec Tigers

Live Together, Work Together, Think Together

If you don't make a mistake…You don't make anything!

Welcome to your computer lab. My name is Mrs. Danise Pierce and I am happy to be your teacher during this experiment.

Acceptable and Non-Acceptable classroom behavior



Setting quietly and listening while lesson is being given

Talking on

Participating in class project, sharing ideas while on

Being cruel, despiteful, malevolent, malicious, mean,
nasty, spiteful, vicious, or vulgar to a fellow student.

Talking and acting respectfully on

Working on your assignment. Helping others to succeed.

Running around the room and wrestling

Not participating on your assignment.

Destroying school property

Turning off another's computer while they are working.

What day of the week is it?

monday tuesday wednesday thursday



Vocabulary list to be used in Blooket

Education Lego

Microbit Make Code



Scratch Coding Cards

Classroom News

February 2023

Students work as a team to create a marble run. This helps with their computational thinking and problem solving skills. It improves their team work as well. Writing about team work. I would like to give a big shout out to Sophia C. and her mother who I met at Tractor Supply. Sophia saw me purchasing a container of marbles for the marble runs used at school. She spoke with her mother and when I was about to leave the store she came up to me with 3 big metal containers of marbles. I pray these last a long time. Thank you so much Sophia!

building with tiles building with tiles building with tiles

building with tiles

January 2023

The whole school administered a bus evacuation drill. This took place during part of our specials hour. The sixth grade class performed wonderful as the practiced evacuating the bus safely. Can you see how well our students are acting during this drill. I am very proud of them!

bus evacuation

December 2022

Earlier in the month I recieved a phone call. On the other side of the line was a very pleasant female voice. She asked me, If a person were going to donate books to the library what would be needed most? First off I was so happy to hear that a person was going to donate to the library. The Kinder through 2nd grade are the most needed, I told her. Then on the day before Winter break Brittney Richele came with a very large box of Easy Readers, all wrapped up in the pretties Christmas gift wrapping.

The children love the books. These Easy Readers have gone through many hands and into many minds. Thank you so much for helping our community by improve the young minds of our school.

Each of students in Ms. Alejandro's 2nd grade class was able to take a new book home to read over the Christmas break.

If you would like to see what else Ms. Brittney Richele has very talentedly created, please go to Zebra Acylics Designs

Thank you once again Brittney for your help. May God bless you and all you do.

September 2022

While taking a break from grading I walked outside the library for a bit. This is what I saw.

These cheerleaders are great. They inspired my grandaughter to practice her cartwheels. Not all of the cheerleaders are in this video. Next time you practice outside please let me know and I would be happy to take another video.
Wish all of you the best this year! Your energy inspires us.
Thank you Mrs. Cardenas for being a great coach.

If you would like to join cheer and are in 4th grade or above, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Cardenas.


August 2022

Elizabeth C. made this with Bitsbox during the Thursday Robotics Club. Check it out!



Come Join the CoderZ Summer School!

One does not have to be in classroom. Just click the link and get started. If you need any help contact me at dpierce@toltecsd.org.
Click the link above and join us for a summer challenge. When creating your username please do not use your real name. You will be asked to enter your real name later on in the form.
Thank you so much for joining us.
Happy Coding and Good Luck!

Welcome Promoting Class of 2030!

Congratulations to the Promoting 8th Grade Class. We Will Miss You!!!

FIRST Lego League Challenge opens in August
Hopes for the robotics club. Wish us luck!

Project-based, hands-on FIRST® programs introduce students to engineering and coding in an engaging, inclusive, and creative after-school or in-class learning environment where students work collaboratively to solve an annual robotics challenge centered around a yearly theme. Boosted by a million-strong global community of students, mentors, educators, volunteers, sponsors, and alumni in over 100 countries, our PreK-12 programs are designed to inspire innovation and help young people build a better future.


Ms. Romm's class planted cantaloupes with the first batch of compost. 4-13-2022

Some of what we have accomplished in March

R & R stands for, "Reading and Robots!!!"

All About Inventions download

Welcome, I am happy to have you here. Please download the zipped folder above. I will show you how to extract the files. Then choose an inventor/invention you would like to write about. Write 2 facts and 1 opinion about what you discovered in your journal. Choose your robot. Journal about what you would like to create with your robot. Draw what it may look like. Then we will start working on our Robots. Last 5 minutes clean up and journal how your project went today. Hope all of you have a wonderful time creating, discovering, and collaboration!

Donors Choose

Build a Flappy Bird Game

2nd Grade were doing Lesson 12: Build a Flappy Game
This lesson combines skill-building around events with a mini-project where students get to build their own Flappy Bird game. At the end of the lesson, students will be able to customize their game by changing the visuals or rules.

Events are very common in computer programs. In this lesson, students will further develop their understanding of events by making a Flappy Bird game. Students will learn to make their character move across the screen, make noises, and react to obstacles based on user-initiated events.

The following games were created by the 2 grade class. We hope you enjoy playing them.

Flappy Bird Game 1 / Game 2 / Game 3 /

Images From The Classroom

The Kinder are doing Lesson 4: Programming with Rey and BB-8
In this skill-building lesson, students will use their newfound programming skills in more complicated ways to navigate a tricky course with BB-8.

With transfer of knowledge in mind, this lesson gives students a new environment to practice the skills that they have been cultivating. Star Wars fans will jump for joy when they see these puzzles. Each puzzle in this series has been added to provide a deeper understanding of the basic concepts that they will be using throughout the rest of this course.

The 6th Grade are doing Lesson 14: Conditionals in Minecraft: Voyage Aquatic
In this context-setting lesson, students will get the chance to practice content that they have learned up to this point, as well as getting a sneak peek at conditionals!

This set of puzzles will work to solidify and build on the knowledge of loops, and introduce conditionals. By pairing these two concepts together, students will be able to explore the potential for creating fun and innovative programs in a new and exciting environment.

Toltec Elementary Toltec Elementary Toltec Elementary
Toltec Elementary Toltec Elementary Toltec Elementary

Starting Somthing New

4th - 7th grade will be learning about their community while building their own in a program called Minetest.

Zipped Minetest Download

Read Naturally